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Studio Lighting Class - 7/7/19

$250.00 USD

Join Steve Walter and Caitlin Christine in studio for a day packed full of learning AND fun! In this class we'll go over how to create and work with 3 different lighting setups and looks commonly used in studio:

  • Beauty - Bright and Specular (1 - 2 light setup)
  • Dramatic - Contrast and Moody (2 - 3 light setup)
  • Editorial - Colorful and Creative (3 - 4 light setup)

We'll setup and shoot all 3 setups (and some variations in-between) for about 1.5hrs each, the ideal lighting equipment to use, camera settings, along with how to shoot tethered into Capture One and Caitlin will even dive into tips and techniques for providing direction when working with your models.

Every attendee will get one-on-one time to work with Caitlin in each setup. At the end of this class you'll have at least 3 new, professional images to add to your portfolio - So be sure to bring your camera, or at least a freshly formatted memory card.


As an added educational bonus, there will be 3 full length videos created after this class that will show you how to edit & retouch each different look we create, from start to finish. Each video will be about 45 mins in length covering the entire process as well as providing downloadable actions used during editing.

Each video will be sold separately for $25.00. If you order them now with your ticket, they will only be $50.00 for all 3! Be sure to select the ticket option: Class + 3 Videos for this limited offer.

*Note: Image(s) show in description and flyer are examples of Cailtin's work only, and will not be recreated or reproduced during class.

Class Details:


Sunday, July 7th

10:00 am - 3:00pm


Steve Walter Photo

319 Peck Street

New Haven, CT 06513

Building 2 Unit J 1st Floor

(off street parking available)


What are the prerequisites to the class?

A general undrstanding of basic lighting and camera control. Understanding the camera exposure triangle as well as how to manually control flash on and off camera.

Who do I contact with questions?

You can contact Steve directly though this site.  

What's the refund policy?

Tickets are non refundable

If I bring a memory card, and use your camera, who owns the images created?

If you take the picture on YOUR memory card, the image is yours. 

Will there be food?

Water and light snacks will be available.

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